Adam Christopher
Made to Kill book cover

A Ray Electromatic Mystery

A blend of science fiction and stylish mystery noir featuring a robot detective: the stand alone sequel to Made to Kill.

Another golden morning in a seedy town, and a new memory tape for intrepid PI-turned-hitman—and last robot left in working order—Raymond Electromatic. When his comrade-in-electric-arms, Ada, assigns a new morning roster of clientele, Ray heads out into the LA sun, only to find that his skills might be a bit rustier than he expected...

Killing is My Business is the latest in Christopher's noir oeuvre, hot on the heels of the acclaimed Made to Kill.

"Robot noir in 60s Los Angeles?
You had me at 'Hello.'"
—John Scalzi, New York Times bestselling novelist on Made to Kill

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"Raymond Electromatic, the robot sleuth turned killer first chronicled in Made to Kill, has found himself in something of a mystery. If he wants to get to the bottom of this new assignment, Ray must ditch the assassin role and play the P.I. for a while. Unfortunately for Ray, he only has a 24-hour memory tape and a boss who's not always forthcoming with the details. Throw in a missing real estate mogul, a mob boss with his hands in every pocket of Los Angeles and a mysterious woman who 'had the tools and knew how to use them.' Taking classic elements of noir and sci-fi, Adam Christopher's Ray Electromtic mysteries have become a must read!"

—Jen Steele, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin

"This first in the L.A. trilogy is a fun, fast read for anyone willing to take the speculative leap—a must-add for most fiction collections."

—Booklist (starred review) on Made to Kill

"Genre mash-ups don’t always succeed, but this one will please fans of both gumshoes and laser beams."

—Publishers Weekly on Made to Kill

"Atmospheric and charming as hell. Adam Christopher has an extraordinary talent for scooping you up and dropping you into an alternative LA that feels just as real as the street outside your home."

—Emma Newman

"Hits hard, spins your head around, and leaves you stunned. The Ray Electromatic mysteries are so freakin' perfect you'd think robot hitmen and retro supercomputers had always been part of noir fiction."

—Peter Clines, author of Paradox Bound and The Fold

"Delivers like a punch from a two-ton robot in a zoot suit."

—Lila Bowen (aka Delilah Dawson)

"Humor, action, and heart: everything I've come to expect from an Adam Christopher book, and then some. A marvelous read!"

New York Times bestseller Jason M. Hough, author of Zero World

"Gripping, funny, deadly and suspenseful."

—Boing Boing on Made to Kill

"Effortlessly swift and clever."

—NPR on Made to Kill

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